3 Things You Should Do Today...

If you’re in need of some rejuvenation then why not change your day up a little?

Adding some new to your monotonous daily schedule will make you feel great there's no doubt about that. You deserve to treat yourself, to feel refreshed inside and out.

3 Things you can do today that will help you spread your wings and inspire you...

#1 Try something new

Whether this is a new flavour of tea (or wine), or a new mode of transport, mixing it up a little can do a world of good. You could take the bus to work instead of driving. You’ll be able to pay attention to things outside the window you might not have noticed from behind the wheel of a car. You could add lemon juice to your water bottle or wear your hair down instead of up today... it's the little things that make all the difference. Trying something new can make you feel like a totally new person. A similar day to day routine can get kinda boring but if you add a few differences to the mix you’ll feel a lot more positive.


#2 Visit the botanical gardens

If you’ve got some time, talk a leisurely stroll in the park or better yet, visit your local conservatory or botanical gardens. Being Spring it’s the perfect time to take yourself on a refreshing field trip. With flowers in bloom and butterflies fluttering about, the botanical gardens aren’t just a pretty sight. The clean air of mother nature will detox your lungs and help you to feel cleansed. Lots of fresh oxygen to kick your brain into gear for whatever the rest of your day holds. Take some time to read the signs and learn about a species of plant that you didn’t know existed. You might be inspired to add some more nature to your own home or plan a garden in the backyard. Stop and smell the roses once in a while, refreshing your head will make you a refreshing person to be around.

#3 Make a list

I don’t know about you, but I'm a ‘list making’ type of girl. Writing something down on paper definitely takes a weight off my shoulders. This doesn’t have to be your life goals or a bucket list it could be something completely irrelevant to either of those things. A daily ‘to do’ list is an obvious one but don't be afraid to go deeper than that. Writing down a few positive attributes about yourself will help you to feel invincible for the day ahead. A list of your favourite places in the world, a few healthy foods you want from the supermarket or even an invite list for a dinner party you just decided you're going to host. Sometimes its good to put pen to paper, you might have spent all day on a computer and forgotten what its like to use a ballpoint pen.

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