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Interview with Salt designer Suzy Broad about the new Lite collection.

Salt Founder, Suzy Broad, has built the brand up from humble beginnings to what it is today - beautifully crafted beach garments that highlight and celebrate who you are. This month Salt will be releasing a new simplistic collection of swimwear that has been manufactured with great care from recycled Italian fabrics. 

We found some time to talk with the founder and designer of Salt about the new collection and what it’s all about.

Hi Suzy, Can you please tell us a little about your new collection?
Absolutely, I am so proud of this collection! The collection is called 'Lite' and it was inspired by the curvy Kiwi girl. It offers amazing silhouettes and simple construction. 
I wanted to make a seamless collection to provide the ultimate comfort - you put one of these bad boys on and it seriously feels like a second skin, it's insane. The Lite Collection represents the finest fabrics, made entirely with a slender defining Elastane and Nylon Mix. I suppose you could say the warmth of colour meets the sleekness of cut, creating a bit of an elegant connection. The designs definitely offer supreme comfort in a refined aesthetic. 

What makes the Lite Collection different from Salt's Basic Collection?
With every collection, my ideas grow and expand from the last. The Basic Collection was pretty much me having a bit of a designers mind dump. The audience of that collection is so vast and there really is something for everyone. I am constantly inspired by my surroundings and the gorgeous ladies in my life. I have a lot of friends with big booties and small hips. The inspiration for using spandex was that it stretches - the best part of this feature is if you go a size up or down, the elastane will mold to your natural shape. The Lite Collection is truly what Salt represents - Minimalistic, versatile, block colours, and practicality. 

Were there any unique thoughts or inspiration that evoked this new collection?
I'm always thinking about what I would personally like in a swimsuit. I like to wear a lot of basics and monochrome tones so the Lite Collection definitely represents that. I pull a lot of my inspiration from music, local fashion, travel and social interactions from the beautiful souls that surround me. Sometimes ideas will spontaneously find me when I'm just in the right place at the right time. 

Can you tell us a bit about the design process that makes the collection come about? From putting pen to paper, to mapping out styles, to seeing the pieces come to life?
It's a very tedious process, especially for a perfectionist. Most of the time I feel like the design process is the ugliest and it really challenges me. it's easy to just whip up a design and call it a day but for me - every line, every cut, every seam, every little detail has to be justified. Most of the time ill have to clear my head completely before I even pick up a pencil. 
It's great when the original sketches translate over to the final product but sometimes the designs have to be tweaked and its usually for the better.  My favourite part is finishing the design phase of a full collection, sending away the sketches and receiving the samples in the mail. It really is something special - holding something you once drew in your hand as a completed product and knowing someone out there will love it just as much as you do. 

A unique aspect about Salt Swimwear is the use of recycled plastics. How important is this to you that the swimwear you design is crafted in this way?  
Over time I've come to realise, it's not so much about what you do, its how you do it. 
This is why Salt uses sustainable fabrics - In an industry like this, there needs to be something that separates the small brands from the big fellas. When it comes to fashion, I believe less is more and quality can not be substituted for convenience. It's important to translate your passions through to the things you love. My love for the sea, earth, and marine life has been translated through to my business. I don't just want to make people look and feel good on the beach, I want to make a change in how we live and view these aspects. 

Do you think that consumers choose Salt over other brands because of the way they are manufactured? 
Absolutely, I want to fill that gap in the market. Salt offers affordable, quality and timeless pieces. The fact that they are sustainable draws more consumers in. People like to know where their clothes come from and they enjoy supporting a brand that is fully transparent with that information. 
We are hitting a day and age where we need to really take a step back and be responsible for what our money is supporting. 

Do you think it encourages women to make better decisions with regards to the planet when it comes to buying other products as well?
I would really hope so. When ladies think of sustainable fashion I swear they think they are going to be wearing a potato sack. There are so many high fashion brands out there that offer amazing trending sustainable pieces. You just need to be willing to look. I love that the beauty industry is slowly becoming aware of this also. Media trends and fast fashion will be the death of females, I swear. I'm not saying everything in your wardrobe needs to be sustainable, just be aware and knowledgeable about where your clothing comes from and who makes it. 

Last but not least, how would you want women that purchase a piece of Salt Swimwear to feel when they wear their garment?
My vision of the Salty beach babe is a lot of things. She is comfortable, she is aware and she is effortlessly beautiful. 
Wearing Salt highlights and celebrates who you are. A Salt garment is more than just a bikini or one piece. Through our products you get added value; knowing that it has been manufactured with regards to both man and nature. Using recycled fabrics creates depth and a story behind every garment. Your bikini was once a plastic bottle in someone's hands on the other side of the earth. It may have been a washed up fishing net that was used to feed a family. Be proud of who you are and the movement you are supporting, it's a beautiful thing. 

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