6 'Chic' Accessories That Have Surprising Health Benefits

One non-eventful rainy Sunday afternoon, I came across an article about the numerous health risks associated with fashion. Very naive of me for falling for the 'click-bait', I was still intrigued. After some further googling, the internet revealed some pretty negative consequences that some fashion accessories can have on the body. To sum it up: wearing heels causes shortened claves and ankle damage, giant handbags cause uneven shoulders, and g-strings could give you hemorrhoids. We should also steer clear of tight clothing (i.e., skinny jeans and yoga pants) to avoid nerve impairment and yeast infections. 

Being faced with so much negativity, naturally, I began to look for any accessories out there in the fashion world that are health positive. I didn't come across much so I thought I'd try come up with a list of 'chic' accessories that have a POSITIVE impact on our health. So here goes...


1. Silver Jewellery 

Silver (surprisingly) has many health benefits and has been used all around the world for centuries. It has proven to be a powerful antibacterial that can fight infections and helps prevent sickness. It can also improve blood circulation. University researchers have shown that wearing a particular type of silver ring can alleviate arthritis symptoms. Now there is never a better time to invest in some new jewellery. 



2. Ayurveda dyed clothing

According to Ayurveda tradition, our skin is capable of soaking up chemicals and toxic dyes in our clothing. Hand dying cloth with traditional medicinal plant dyes that contain various blends of herbs could restore our body's natural equilibrium. Some naturally dyed fabric can improve cognitive function, and provide antidepressant properties. Brands like 'Monsoon Blooms' offer a range of Ayurveda dyed minimal clothing, traditionally made in India. 


3. Blue Light Filter Glasses

Blue light glasses are a pretty modern invention. Basically these glasses have clear lenses that filter out blue light from laptops and smartphones. If you've always wanted reading glasses but have perfect eyesight, then this is a good investment. In all seriousness, the blue light from electronic devices may cause trouble sleeping and has been shown to increase depression, diabetes and cardiovascular problems, according to Dr Shriver from 'Unity Point Health' (www.unitypoint.org). Clear lenses are a fabulous and chic fashion accessory that can only be good for your health.


Image via @sullivang_


4. Diffuser Necklaces

Something I had never heard of, diffuser necklaces like the lava stone infuser below, are necklaces that can carry essential oils. Diffuser jewellery is unique and stylish as they come in many different colours. The method involves applying a drop or two of essential oil (lavender, grapefruit, sandalwood) to the lava bead. The wellness benefits from essential oils offer calmness, relaxation, anti-stress and 'good smelling' vibes. 


 Image via Etsy


5. Wide Brimmed Hats

 Now, this is a pretty obvious one; you should know the primary function of a hat is to protect your head. But a wide-brimmed hat, in particular, is the best type of hat. Can be worn as a fashion statement, while also shading the shoulders, neck and decolletage. Just a few areas of the body that age pretty quickly and are prone to skin cancers. 


Image via @celestebarber 

6. Earrings

According to ancient Ayurveda, a flow of energy is maintained in the body if you wear earrings. Acupuncturists have studied the healing potentials of piercings for many years, specifically their ability to relieve migraines. And according to the book 'Mysteries of The Ear', written by neuropharmacologist Dr Nadia Volf, the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Persians practised acupuncture here to aid everything from menstrual problems to eyesight. And apparently, the reason why pirates wore a ring in one earlobe is that the piercing enhanced their vision.


To conclude, fashion does have some health positives! Wearing earrings could prevent migraines, silver rings can help with warding off the flu, and blue light filter glasses can improve your sleep quality. You learn something new every day











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