Must Have Summer Accessories

Finally! Summer's coming, and she’s gonna be here for a while. To help you anticipate the warmer days ahead, here’s a list of all the things you need to have a groovy time in the sunshine. From head to toe, you’ll be looking summer fresh in the latest trends with all the must-have necessities.


Turkish Towel

Doubles as a sarong or beach skirt or picnic mat AND so compact and easy to travel with. These thin beach towels as honestly the best. Ottoloom and Stowaway are both NZ brands and have all the best colours and designs out there to suit whatever your summer style may be.




Linen and Hemp

Linen is made from flax and hemp fiber from the hemp plant which both have a similar texture. From flowing linen flares to hemp crop tops, make sure to choose plain and natural colours so that you’re that your items are fashionable now and also for many summers to come.



Tube Tops

No sleeves are back. 90’s style tube tops are chic. Think '10 things I Hate About You' (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please watch this iconic 90’s teen movie immediately).




A Salt Label bikini

This one's an obvious choice and probably should be top of your list. We have every style to suit your hot bod and so many natural and minimal colours too. Plus, we use fabric made from recycled plastics which you can brag about to all your mates - did I mention eco-friendly is cool this summer? Shop them here.




Straw Hat

For guys and gals, straw hats are your new best friend. Whether it’s your grandmas dusty straw hat from the ’60s or a fresh new design from Will and Bear, any straw hat will be trendy this season. They go with literally every outfit and bring a chill vibe to your summer threads.







Like jandals but not really at all. Slides are an easy way to avoid stinky feet in summer. Lots of airflow and your feet can stay nice and cool (not just in the literal sense). Lots of different styles and brands to choose from but my favourites are St.Agni. 



Woven Beach Bag

Natural and sophisticated, a woven bag is perfect for a day in town or a trip to the beach. There are so many styles and they’ve been around for yonks. Take a look in the hall cupboard, your parent's wardrobe, or the op shop to see if you can snag yourself a preloved oldie.




Bucket Hat

If the straw hats not for you, (or maybe you want a bit of both) then the bucket hat is your next go-to hat on the list. Sun-bleached pastel colours or faded denim will increase your style meter by the dozen. If you can’t hack the commitment of the full brimmed hat, the bucket shape will sit nice and snug, perfectly on your noggin.



Cat Eye Sunglasses

All the rage in the ’50s and 60’s, cat eye sunnies are back and as bold as ever. For me, I prefer the classic tortoiseshell, but you can get a pair in every colour these days. Protect your eyes with UV lenses AND look good while doing it.





Natural Zinc

Don’t let the sun make a fool out of you this summer. There are so many different zincs or sun creams out there that sometimes its hard to make the right choice. Plus there's a whole lot of jargon on the back of the bottle. Keep it simple and avoid the nasties with natural zinc. My favourite natural zinc that blends into skin perfectly is Sun and Earth Zinc.




Mini Backpack

Key to your 2018/19 summer street style and the perfect go-to bag for music festivals. Plus, reduce the amount of back sweat from your classic backpack with a smaller backpack. Genius! Jansport has a brand new backpack this season which is perfect for the occasion. 




Shells on Everything

Shells are beautiful and an ideal way to share the message to everyone around you that you’re an ocean loving, carefree person. Check out this NZ designer 'Caja' who makes jewellery with these gifts from the sea.





Finally, it’s cool to wear anklets again. This summer is all about bringing back those 90’s summer styles. Keep it cheap and make one at home with some beads and thread, or invest in a simple silver chain. Either way, both will look cool with a nice pair of summer slides.



Thanks for reading! Comment below if you have any other summer styles to add to our list.


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