Our Spring Obsessions

We’ve all been a little lost when it comes to what source of entertainment to indulge in next. I often find myself so immersed in what I’m consuming, that before I know it, I’m on the last episode and not ready to face the withdrawals of being immersed in realities of a tv show, podcast, book and everything in-between.

So, without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to the new seasonal blog series – Our Obsessions.

With each new season, I will be sharing all the things that have stolen our attention and encouraged us to perfect the art of procrastination. 


Podcast – What We Call Love

 What We Call Love, a podcast by Bumble, is hosted by our local go-to gal for all thing’s beauty, culture, fashion and more – Madeline Walker, from The Twenties Club. Madeline brings the perfect balance of empathy and curiosity as she is joined by others to discuss and open the conversation around the diversity of love in New Zealand. If you haven’t listened to this already, you are in for a treat. It is truly inspiring and will leave you feeling a special kind of way towards love in our society.


Documentary – David Attenborough: A Life On This Planet

Yes, that’s right, we’re well and truly on the David Attenborough band wagon and we’re not sorry about it. This documentary is Attenborough’s personal witness statement towards our environment and the future of our planet. It is eye opening, concerning and filled with hope assuming we all work together to help our planet heal – something you know we’re passionate about. You won’t regret putting this on while cooking your dinner tonight. If you have already watched it, drop a comment below to let me know your biggest ‘take away’... for those who haven't, it's on Netflix, or start here by watching the trailer.


Music – Warm Weather by Salt Playlist 

It wouldn’t be a monthly recommendation without a cheeky self-plug right? We’re manifesting sunshine here at Salt and what better way than to work, drive, walk or groove along to our favourite tunes. This playlist is a bit eclectic, but we promise it will leave you feeling like it’s the middle of summer already.


Book – Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid

Salt Label Our Spring Obsessions - Book Recommendation

 I’m a little late to the party on this one, so the chances are high that you’ve already made your way through it. Such A Fun Age follows the journey of a beautiful relationship between a young woman and the child she babysits. It has the perfect balance of warmth, curiosity and intellect as Reid explores social issues such as racism and privilege as she navigates the protagonists story. It’s an important and insightful story that will give you joy while pulling at your heart strings.



Activity – Walking 

Now that Spring is in full force and the flowers have bloomed, I recommend incorporating a weekly, or if you’re super keen, a daily walk into your routine. Not only does this get you outside and away from your screen, but it gets your body moving in the most blissful way. My favourite time of the day is either with the sunrise or sunset – there really is something magical about walking as the sky changes colour. Leave your phone behind to really switch off or tune in to the What We Call Love Podcast or Warm Weather Playlist to set the mood.

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