Our Summer Obsessions

Our Summer days have mostly been filled with swimming (at all times of the day), exploring new places, eating ice-cream and making the most of the long sun-filled days of the holidays. In-between the adventures, we’ve had our noses in books and music in our ears. To us, Summer is the season for exploring - our minds, bodies and surroundings alike. 

Here are all the things that have kept us entertained this Summer…


Podcast - Learnt My Lesson By Jess & Sav


Jess and Sav are two locals in their early twenties who are quite literally taking the podcast world by a storm. Learnt My Lesson is all about the lessons they’ve learnt and continue to learn as they make their way through their twenties. With a big focus on opening the conversation around mental health, Jess and Sav have raw, open, honest and kind conversations about their own personal journeys and those of the amazing guests that join them -  including the wonderful Dr. Ashley Bloomfield. It’s relatable, insightful and so entertaining.


Music - Corinne Bailey Rae by Corinne Bailey Rae (2006) 


There’s nothing better than re-discovering music of the past while lying under the sun after a salty dip in the sea  (lathered up in SPF of course). Over the last couple of days I have been obsessively listening to the self-titled album by Corinne Bailey Rae and I am anything but mad about it. Of course it includes her #2 single Put Your Records On but the accompanying songs match its soulful sounds, creating a musical escape, perfect for dazing by the beach. This album brings together the sounds of soul, jazz, R&B and more. If you only indulge yourself with one of our obsessions, pick this one.


Reading - The Space In Between by Zara McDonald & Michelle Andrews, and Wellbeing Wild


The Space In Between is something all women in their twenties should read. It’s witty, gentle, insightful and oh so relatable. I cried. I laughed. I cried and laughed at the same time. Zara McDonald & Michelle Andrews - the women behind the Shameless Podcast - share their personal experiences, lessons, highs and lows. It’s not a reflection of their twenties but a collection of essays capturing them in their true essence as these women are right here with us. 


This Summer, I have re-fallen in love with the beautiful thing that is magazines. But not the kind that share gossip and conspiracy theories, the kind that shares endearing stories and insights on all aspects of life. Wellbeing Wild has been at the top of my pile. They describe themselves as being a publication for the curious – the thought leaders, belief shakers, paradigm shifters and paradise creators… and we couldn’t agree more. They bring a fun, curious and appreciation to stories that are both within and far beyond our scope, broadening our thoughts and complimenting the comfort of familiarity.


Watching - The Undoing & The Queen's Gambit

Although we don’t recommend staring at a screen over exploring our beautiful backyard - always pick going for a swim. Always! - but sometimes all you want to do is indulge yourself in a series that captures your attention from the start. The Undoing & The Queen’s Gambit were both successful in this - in my defence, I was in Wellington at the time and it felt like Winter. I won’t bore you with a run-down of each, that’s what trailers are for. But I will say that they are beautifully made, from the writing to the acting, the unique story lines and need to know more, will quickly influence you to click the button to play the next episode.


You can watch The Undoing on Neon, and The Queen's Gambit on Netflix.


Location - Mahia Peninsula, Hawkes Bay 

Image Sourced from Julian Gutherie.


My parents have lived in Gisborne now for just over two years, and ever since they first visited Mahia, they’ve been on my case about visiting. I finally did it and I’m ready to move there. It’s not so far away that it’s inconvenient to get to, but it’s just far enough that it has a rugged, untouched calmness about it. The beaches are beautiful, the bush is filled with native plant species and the locals embody their reputation of being laid-back and kind. It’s the perfect spot for freedom camping - as long as you leave no trace of your stay behind - and you won’t witness a sunset quite like the ones Mahia sees. It’s the only place on the East Coast where the sun sets over the sea.

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