Salt Label Verse Iconic Swim Styles

To give you the low down on how fashionable Salt Label really is, we've compared some of history's most famous swimwear moments with pieces from our very own collection. From way back when the bikini was first invented, to iconic movie moments on the likes of Cameron Diaz and Brigitte Bardot. You can find a Salt Label style that channels almost every swimsuit highlight in modern history.


Brigitte Bardot

A beautiful two piece that became a must-have item for all women in the early sixties was Brigitte Bardot’s simple but delicate piece in the film ‘And God Created Woman’. A modern-day look can be found in the basic Suzy top and bottoms in grey, handcrafted from premium Italian lycra. Salt Label’s version of this beauty has unique back strap detail that gives allusion to the Salt logo, making it unique to Salt. You won’t find this particular style anywhere else. 



Marilyn Monroe

A modern twist on a vintage style. This high waisted Ellie bottom and top two piece channel Marilyn Monroe’s gorgeous white swimsuit from the 1950’s. Marilyn helped popularise the first ever bikinis over half a century ago, showing off her curves with some very appropriate beach footwear. Minus the buttons, the Ellie bottoms accentuate feminine curves.



Cameron Diaz & Demi Moore 

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of the film ‘Charlie’s Angels’ about three female private detectives based on the TV series of the same name. This famous scene is the sequel ‘Full Throttle’ where Natalie (Cameron Diaz) meets Madison (Demi Moore), a former angel, while out surfing. The bikinis worn in this scene are classic tie up styles that every girl should own. Very similar to our basic grace top and bottoms in black, white and red.



Angelina Jolie

From the new Sculpt range, Angelina’s iconic Tomb Raider look from the 2000’s is reinvented in the Luna Top. Feel sexy and powerful in a black 2 piece like this one from Salt Label’s new collection. The Black Luna top pairs well with the Luna Bottoms, Faye Bottoms or Arlo Bottoms in this range.




Elizabeth Taylor 

Elizabeth Taylor in this white number from Suddenly, Last Summer was a basic tank, but played against her sun-kissed skin with the straps nearly falling off her shoulders, Similar to the white lite Sophie one piece.




Bo Derek

The lite Georgia one piece with elegant straps and gorgeous back detail reminds us of Bo Derek in the famous 1979 flick ’10’. The open style and thin straps across the back of Derek’s swimsuit are similar in style to the Lite Georgia one piece. The halter neck and lace up, adjustable back adds a slimming effect making this Salt one piece very flattering so you can run gracefully down the beach in style just like Bo Derek.


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