What Not To Do In Bali

Looking to swap the daily grind for some tropical vibes and relaxation? 

Bali sounds like the ideal travel destination for some sun tanning and socialising. If your travel bug is itching, 10 days in Bali could be the perfect getaway. Sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs, volcanoes and rice paddies to explore, sounds dreamy! Am I right!? It’s kind of affordable if you can manage to score flights for under $200. Not to mention everything is so much cheaper in Indonesia. But is there a catch?

If you’re keen to tick Bali off the bucket list then have a peek at this short list. It might give you some insight into what NOT to do when in Bali.

Photo: Ellen Taylor // @ellenmarytaylor

What not to do when in Bali

#1 Don't drink water if it's not from a sealed bottle. 
A couple of days into your holiday and you end up with what's known as ‘Bali belly’. I won't explain it but let's just say that you’ll have similar symptoms to food poisoning so avoid tap water at all costs. You can shower in it, but just don't swallow it! Be careful when it comes to what you eat and drink. If you can’t wash it, peel it or cook it, don’t eat it and be careful what you wash it in. Unfortunately, this makes it a little hard to avoid buying plastic water bottles. But most accommodation will have water dispensers which use filtered water so you can refill your water bottle.

Photo: Ellen Taylor // @ellenmarytaylor

 Don’t not wear sun block!
You’ve been inside for the last couple of months so you're looking pretty pale. Don’t think you won't burn after just an hour outside. You probably will. Use fake tan if you want that summer glow but don’t go out without sunblock on. Trust me, it's definitely not worth it. Getting burnt on day 1 will make you look like a walking cheerio for the first half of your trip. Not to mention it's extremely bad for your skin.

Photo: (Ice cream man - Lilo and Stitch) 

Don’t take nice things to Monkey Forest
If you want a photo with a monkey then Ubud monkey forest is the place to go. But beware of cunning, thieving monkeys. Keep your phone or camera close because these cheeky little devils with tiny hands and big brown eyes are swift and elegant. In the blink of an eye, he’ll whip those sunnies off your head and snatch that silver chain from around your neck. A feeling of betrayal like no other. Strongly advise not taking jewellery, sunglasses or anything nice into the monkey's habitat. And maybe bring some bananas for bribing purposes if things don't quite go your way.

#4 Don’t look like a tourist

Someone who's just arrived in Bali will know very little about haggling or what to pay for things in markets. If you look like you've just arrived consider yourself a walking target. A fresh tourist is a gold mine. The price a shop owner may request for something could be 3 times as much if you look clueless. A smile and a couple of words in Bahasa (Indonesia language) will help you get a better price. 

Don’t sing and drive your scooter
Singing while driving is a habit similar to singing in the shower. Be warned, the amount of insects and bugs in Indonesia is ten times what you'll find at home. You don't want your teeth to look like a number plate after driving on the open road; splattered with bug body parts. A moth to the cheek is not so bad, but a moth in the mouth is really quite unpleasant. So refrain from listening to Salt’s summer playlist while driving in Bali. It'll be too hard to not sing along and you'll end up breathing a giant mosquito into your lungs.


So next time there's a sale on flights to Bali keep these things in mind so you can enjoy your holiday in peace and avoid these mistakes before you make them.


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