Why It Sucks To Date A Surfer

If you’re someone who loves spending time at the beach whether it be swimming, tanning, walking the dog or hanging out with mates then I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s talent to be found there. Almost all year round the waves attract a number of sporty, spontaneous dudes that I'm sure you can agree, are easy on the eyes. The male surfer is a beautifully crafted human. Their sun kissed skin, salty, unbleached hair and ear to ear grins have probably caught your attention at some point. These guys always seem to be happy - probably due to that constant flow of adrenaline pumping through their veins from that daily thrill of riding beautiful, blue waves. But although surfers seem like the perfect partner, there are some things that should be taken into consideration before turning one into your significant other. The following list is an accurate account of all the things that suck when dating a surfer.


#1 You probably won't learn to surf

If you think you'll get some free surf lessons you might be right, but it probably won't be as romantic as you think. He wants you to surf so you can understand the joy surfing brings him and he wants to share this with you too but he's not going to wait around forever. As soon as you get out the back, he spots a wave and he's off. You're left behind in the middle of the ocean to fend for yourself and you have no idea what you're doing! He will have probably have forgotten what it's like to learn to surf and although he means well, he just can't help himself. He'll be itching to get out there and I can guarantee he won't wait around for you in the whitewash.

Photo: Ellen Taylor // @ellenmarytaylor

#2 You can't plan anything in advance

You want to book a holiday or visit some friends down south, it's not going to be easy. Any travel plans, road-trip or weekend away is almost always surfing orientated in his world. Anything outside of surfing is going to be hard for him to commit to. I've heard it many times before "I can't go in June there’s always good waves then" or "not Saturday, any other day but Saturday because it's gonna be pumping". 


#3 You’ll get stood up

If you hate waiting around, then dating a surfer is not for you. A common scenario might go like this: You've planned a dinner date to meet at yours at 6. A Friday night in to watch a movie, and make some kai together. You’ve been looking forward to it all week. It’s 6.30 and he still hasn't shown. By the time it's half past 7 you haven't got a text, it's starting to get dark and you're starting to get hungry. You know very well where he is. He walks through the door at 8, two hours late with wet hair and a grin on his face. "Sorry babe I lost track of time" classic. How can you be mad at him when he's so cute and happy and apologetic?! You instantly forget how mad (and worried) you’ve been for the last 2 hours and continue on with the evening. This theme will continue throughout the relationship, it especially sucks when you’re out with a group of friends waiting for him to show and he just doesn’t.

Photo: Ellen Taylor // @ellenmarytaylor

#4 There’s no such thing as a beach date

Forget spending quality time together at the beach. To him, going to the beach means going for a surf, not a romantic picnic or watching the sunset after work. Especially if there are waves. 99% of the time he'll be out chasing mavericks rather than having a classy glass of wine with fish and chips by the sea.

Photo: Ellen Taylor // @ellenmarytaylor

#5 You come second 

His life probably revolves around surfing and his heart is with the waves. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t appreciate you it’s just that he’s probably always going to choose a week surfing in Bali over a week on holiday with you. If you want to be the centre of someone else's affection then a surfer is not for you. The time that's reserved for you is the time when he's not surfing, working, eating or hanging out with mates. Sometimes it feels like he's cheating on you with his surf board. 

Photo: Ellen Taylor // @ellenmarytaylor

#6 No waves = No fun 

Surfers love to surf. If the surf is flat and has been for a week then you can be sure your surfer guy won’t be wearing that ear to ear grin you love. If he can't surf he’s most likely going to be super agitated or depressed and you’ll have to deal with their bad moods. This is comparable to a three-year-old having a tantrum. He probably won’t know what to do with himself and no matter how hard you try to cheer him up the one thing he wants, he can't have, and you can’t give it to him. In times like these, you just have to pray that there's a swell around the corner so you can have your happy man back. 

Photo: Ellen Taylor // @ellenmarytaylor


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