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Created as a tribute to the simple life, Salt is a minimalistic surf label designed in New Zealand. Starting from humble beginnings on her bedroom floor, Salt founder, Suzy Broad has built this brand up from one simple black bikini to the brand you see today. 

The brand's values are shaped by our passion for people, the environment, and comfort. We embrace what is around us and enjoy every moment of it. The simplicity of these aspects reflects through our name 'Salt' - You don't need much in life to make you happy, maybe just a pinch. 

We have a deep appreciation for quality and timeless designs, you will see this throughout our collections. All of the products are handcrafted in Australia with recycled fabrics from Italy.

Wearing Salt highlights and celebrates who you are. A Salt garment is more than just a bikini or a rash vest. Through our products you get added value; knowing that it has been manufactured with regards to both man and nature. Using recycled fabrics creates depth and a story behind every garment. Our fabrics are made from plastic bottles and other recycled plastics making the brand fully sustainable. Crazy right!? We love our planet and creating fabrics from used plastics is just one way we can contribute towards it. 

We are continuing to grow and are having a great time in the process. Thank you for taking the time to choose Salt.


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