What To Pack For RNV

Planning your new year's summer blowout at Rhythm and Vines? 

What could be more exciting than 3 days of music, dancing, laughing and enjoying the sunshine with a bunch of mates? Rhythm and Vines takes place in Gisborne which is the first place on earth to see the sun come up. So if you manage to stay up all night you'll be among the first people in the world to see the sun rise of the new year. How incredible is that?! Whether it's your first time or your 10th time to this epic kiwi festival you’ll definitely want to read our packing list which includes all the necessary items for a marathon of music and sunshine.

#1 Dry Shampoo

A day in the sun and a night of dancing means you'll probably be sweating up a storm. Greasy hair is unfortunately inevitable. A dip in the ocean might be the closest you'll come to a shower during this full on 3-day event. Spray on dry shampoo like 'Batiste' is a smart solution to this problem and you can pick up a cheap travel bottle at Kmart for less than $10. They are small and compact, and perfect for lightweight packing.

#2 A Hat

Gisborne summer sun is hot, and spending the day outside can lead to heat exhaustion if you're not properly prepared. Staying hydrated with water in between your drink of choice, and keeping a lid on your noggin will benefit you a great deal. Did you know Salt Label doesn't just sell swimwear? Feast your eyes on our cap collection. The class of 96 Caps and Dad Caps are both unique and pair well with every outfit. Shop here

#3 Disposable Camera

The greatest memories are ingrained for a lifetime when you capture the moment on a disposable. The perfect idea for someone who's always losing things on a night out. If you lose it, then it's only around $18 to replace. Great lightweight addition to your day pack at Rhythm. And the best thing about film is that you don’t know the outcome until the roll is developed. It can be a bit of a surprise.

#4 Temporary Tattoo / Flash Tattoo
You can't go to a music festival without some body art. These metallic, boho style temporary tattoos are ideal if you want to add a little bit of something extra to your outfit or if you're afraid of your jewelry falling off. If you're not into glitter or face paint then you should invest in some removal tattoos. They are a cheaper, less permanent alternative to the real thing and can be worn anywhere on your skin. A couple of small stickers can compliment your eyes or your outfit or be worn instead of bangles and necklaces. You can pick some up at Cosmic Corner or online.

Image via @hayleyeszti

#5 Coconut water

The natural nectar of the gods and the best refreshing remedy after a night out (or day and night in this case). Feeling a little hungover? You’ll be grateful to have packed a couple of bottles of this beautiful stuff. You’ll be feeling vitalised and good as new for the next day ahead.

#6 Dr. Martens

The ideal festival footwear. Mud, dirt, dust or a drink spill won't penetrate these babies. Dr. Martens are the perfect festival foot protector and fashion statement. A worn in pair of Docs will have you dancing all night long, and if you happen to get trodden on in the mosh pit at Cellar stage you probably won't feel a thing. They can be a bit hard on the wallet but they’re guaranteed to last a lifetime and are always in hot demand if you get bored and want to sell them on.

Image via DrMartens


#7 Portable Phone Charger

If you've been taking photos or texting all day chances are you might run out of battery before the night begins. If this is the case a portable phone charger or phone charging case will save the day. You'll be thankful to have one if you loose your friends on 5% battery or you want to snapchat your favourite act later in the evening. 

#8 Bamboo straws and biodegradable cups
Plastic Straws aren't cool anymore. Neither are plastic cups. Wooden or bamboo straws are reusable and won't contribute the amount of rubbish collected over the New Years period. Biodegradable cups can be thrown into a landfill and will disintegrate naturally without the use of chemicals. You'll feel good drinking from a plastic cup and straw alternative. Bamboo straws can be purchased online from Bambuhome and in many homeware stores around NZ.
#9 Fanny Pack
A bum bag, or more commonly known "fanny pack" is the ultimate R&V essential. They're coming back into fashion after a long hibernation since the 90's. The fanny pack is the answer to carrying your festival necessities without lugging around a backpack or shoulder bag. It won't fall off when cutting shapes and zip pockets prevent anything falling out. The only downside is that it might get a little sweaty when the crowd is body to body during Schoolboy Q. You can find lots online like this Jansport one.


#10 Salt Label Swimsuit

Don't forget to pack your favourite Salt Label set. The sun will be out and you're bound to end up hitting the beach, paddling pool, or nearby waterfall. Shop here



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