7 Positive Things You Should Do This New Year

It’s the beginning of 2018! In fact, we’re already one-twelfth of the way into the new year. If you happened to forget about new years resolutions (like me) there's no need to worry, it’s not too late to add some positive insights to your 2018 routine.

Make an effort to be kind to others

I know this is an obvious one, but I think it’s worth mentioning as there’s always room for more love and kindness in the world. Making a conscious effort to be nice to your friends and family, or the cashier in the supermarket will make you and them feel awesome. Don’t forget the online world too, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter sharing love instead of hate is always the way to go.



Watch the sunrise 

Seeing the sun come up is the most powerful and beautiful feeling in the whole world. In the early hours of the morning hearing the birds chirp and watching soft pinks and oranges dance across the sky will literally take your breath away. Schedule a sunrise into your week and I can guarantee you will feel fantastic.



Visit the mole doctor

 I highly recommend getting your skin checked especially if you have fair skin or you spend a lot of time outside. Because of the thin ozone layer over New Zealand, the sun is so much more damaging to your skin than in other parts of the world. So we really need to take care of ourselves. Add it to your to-do list, you’ll feel a thousand times better getting a checkup knowing if you have anything on your skin to watch out for (https://molemap.co.nz)


Smile more

You’re never fully dressed without a smile. A smile really is contagious, I’m sure there's been a time in your life where someone smiled at you and it brightened up your day a little. So make sure you share the happiness this new year. A smile will literally do you wonders, it makes people feel more comfortable around you and makes you so much more approachable. Smiling is also super good for you, when you’re grinning ear to ear, your body releases endorphins and serotonin which act as natural anti-depressants and fight off illnesses. Bonus!


Donate some clothes to charity or an op shop

How often do you clean out your closet? I’m sure you’ve got a bunch of clothes hiding in drawers or hanging at the back of your wardrobe that haven't been worn in a looooong time. By sorting through your clothes and donating to a place like the salvation army, you’re helping those in need and reducing waste.


Travel somewhere new

There are so many places in the world, so many nooks and crannies just waiting to be explored. Some might be right under your nose, in the same country or even in your neighborhood. Travel is something that will keep you inspired and help you to see a different way of life or experience something you haven’t before. New cultures, foods, faces, beaches, suburbs even, might have something great to offer you.



Write a list to yourself  

A list of positive things about your previous year might seem weird to put down on paper or in the notes app of your phone, but I can’t say how important it is to celebrate yourself and your achievements. Give yourself a pat on the back for challenges that you overcame and positive lessons you learned that you’ll implement this year.

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