Behind the Campaign - 'This Is Me'

In true Salt Label nature, another simplistic collection has arisen. Classic designs, finely tuned details, and bold colours to suit a wide range of skin tones. The Sculpt Collection speaks for itself - It shapes and contours figure's beautifully. 

We got some time to sit down with Owner and Designer, Suzy Broad, to bring you the scoop before this collection drops. 

Thanks for catching up Suzy! First things first, what was the inspiration for this Campaign and Collection? 

The inspiration for the 'This Is Me' Campaign came from a tiny bit of anger but mostly passion. I've always aspired to help females feel empowered and rock the skin they are in. I wanted to create a Campaign that showed diversity and confidence. I never photoshop stretch marks, indents or any type of beauty spot purely to show females how freaken awesome it looks to have those characteristics on your body. It really gets to me that women are so caught up in social demands and expectations that they forget these characteristics actually create depth and show life stories. This campaign is real, it accentuates stretchmarks, abdominal folds, skin colouring pigmentations and beauty spots - Some people think of these as unnatural things to see, when really its the complete opposite. 

The inspiration for the collection was drawn from admirable ladies in my life. I think everything I do for Salt is a reflection of what I am faced with in my everyday life. It breaks my heart when I have friends come to me saying that they have looked everywhere for swimwear and cant find something tailored to them that makes them feel confident. I needed to change this, not only for the women close to me but for the swimwear market itself. There are so many fine details, carefully tailored lines and gatherings within each piece which creates contouring and accentuates the female figure perfectly. 

Can you tell us a little bit about the designs within the Sculpt Collection? 

There are 9 designs but 18 pieces to choose from - You can mix and match all bikini sizes and types depending on what you are wanting to accentuate or conceal. All designs are fully adjustable and some even provide fabric that you can move around depending on if you want to show more or less. While designing these pieces I knew I wanted to give women options and let them have the freedom to be able to customise the swimwear to their shapes. I have thrown in ties, clasps, adjustable shoulder and back straps, wires, breathable mesh, elastic bands - you name it, I've put it in this collection. 

What are your thoughts on the title 'Plus-Size'?

Honestly, I hate it and I'm not even in that marketed demographic. As a designer, I'm not sure I like distinguishing fashion with terms of ‘straight size’, 'normal size' 'petite' and ‘plus size’. I find that it’s not very modern because all women deserve the best in terms of design and fit and in my opinion, most women don’t wear the same size for bottoms and tops these days anyway. Bodies just come how they do and we need to adapt to using sizing instead of labels. 

Salt teamed up with Wellington health buzz, Riley Hemson, to bring this Campaign to life, can you give us an inside to that? - @healthychick101

Absolutely! Riley was our go-to girl when brainstorming this campaign. Everything she believes in and stands for really aligns with the message we were trying to put out into the world. She is an amazing role model for Kiwi women and having her jump on board to help spread the 'This Is Me' message has been fantastic. She loved the colours we had chosen and gave us such great feedback. 

Would you call yourself a feminist?

I don't think I would call myself anything. Why put a label on something that should just be normal - Females loving the skin they are in and wearing it where ever they want. 

Last but not least, when can we expect to see the whole collection?

Its a surprise, but keep those eyes peeled this week. 

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