Why You Should Date A Surfer

 This blog is inspired by a recent post I wrote about how it sucks to date someone who surfs (Click here to read) there is a bit of a list of reasons that all prove to be accurate accounts for many girls (or guys) in the same boat but I thought it may be worth mentioning some of the positives too. There are probably just as many good attributes as there are bad to being in a relationship with someone who's addicted to surfing. So here is a list to help you see the bright side if I previously put you off this subgroup of the human race.



#1 The early rises

Dating a surfer is pretty fun I have to admit. The early rises and the places he’ll take you will make you feel like you got the most out of your weekend. Waking up early to catch the first waves of the day isn’t always a bad thing. If you decide to tag along you might miss out on some beauty sleep but what you’ll gain will make you feel invincible for the rest of the day. Since dating someone of this breed I’ve seen more sunrises than ever before which has definitely given me a new appreciation for nature. Seeing the sun come up at least once or twice a week will probably make you a happier person and maybe more lenient to forgive him for annoying you the night before. This time of the morning when you would otherwise be sleeping is perfect for sitting seaside reading a book or taking a walk along the beach while he surfs. It will cleanse your brain for the day ahead.


#2 They’re always keen to go somewhere

When you wanna get out of town and go somewhere where people aren’t, a surfer guy will most likely always be keen. If he surfs a lot he’ll probably understand how good it feels to take a break from the city. He has an in inner, unspoken connection to the ocean and surfing is his form of meditation from the busy day to day life. If you’re going somewhere coastal, the chances of him being keen may double, any prospect to catch some waves and he’s in. He might also know some cool secret spots you haven't been to before. He will probably appreciate you wanting to get out in nature over a day of window shopping or a night of partying.


#3 They have friends for your friends

Most surfers are pretty friendly people which means they probably have a bunch of fellow surfer mates who’re down to chill with you and you’re friends. Dating a surfer can be a lot more fun when your girls get to know his guys. Suddenly you’ve got an awesome bunch of friends for road trips, sunset bbqs and beach bonfires that aren’t half bad looking either. How good!?


#4 You’ll always be tan

Watching him surf may mean you’re sitting on the beach for long periods of time. This can be seen as a positive and a negative but if you utilise this time wisely then there is potential to have the best tan of your life. A good tan takes a long time to develop as you need to be wearing SPF sunblock or tanning lotion and you need repeated long periods of time exposed to sunlight. This doesn’t just happen over one day. So this could be the perfect scenario for you to work on your summer tan. You’ll also have time to read a few chapters of an informative, inspiring book, maybe learn a language or catch up on current events meaning you’re getting tanner and smarter at the same time.

#5 Free surf lessons

In the blog post 'Why it sucks to date a surfer', I mentioned that you probably won’t learn to surf as he’ll be too keen to go out himself. This is something that is totally up to you and your surfing significant other. A good trick to this is only taking one surfboard out so he can’t scoot away and leave you in the white wash if there are waves for him further out. If you show enough interest he will for sure find the time to take you out when the waves are small and you won’t have to pay a thing! A great chance to get to know each other better and hopefully you won't embarrass yourself in front of him.

To sum this all up, dating a surfer is actually pretty great. So if you’re someone who enjoys spending time at the beach and you're maybe considering turning a casual date into a more longterm thing then don't hesitate. Apart from the obvious bonuses of sun-kissed skin, sun-bleached hair, and athletic bods, most of these surfy dudes are pretty happy people which I’m sure will rub off on you too. 

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