How To Make Your Own Herb Garden

Blossoms are coming and going, and little flowers are popping up all over the place spreading the joy of new life and saying that it’s time for new beginnings. A wonderful way to celebrate Spring is to get your fingers green and plant some new life.  One of the most cost-effective things to plant is garden herbs such as mint, coriander, parsley, or rosemary. All you need is an old crate or two, some potting mix and some seedlings. This little guide I have made will help you grow your own herbs so they’ll be ready just in time for summer salads, minty mojitos and taco nights. 



What you will need:

An old crate or wooden box

Around 7KG of potting mix

Seedlings of your choice

Garden gloves 

Landscaping fabric (I used an old piece of plastic)

Staple gun or hammer and some short nails



Step 1

Find an old crate or wooden box - I happened to have a herb box in the garage mum brought from Briscoes homeware store last year so this was perfect. Make sure the box you are using has small holes in the bottom so the plants can drain. Drainage holes are essential for healthy herbs to grow. If there are no holes in the box you’ve chosen, it’s honestly super easy to drill some in, you’ll just need an electric drill. If you’re using a crate with large gaps then staple some landscaping fabric to the bottom and the sides which will allow the excess water to drip out the bottom. The landscaping fabric is also necessary to stop the soil from falling out. Instead of using landscaping fabric on the bottom of my herb box, I found an old piece of plastic that was going to be thrown out and nailed this to the inside. Before I put the soil in the box I cut some holes through the gaps so the water could drain. 




Step 2 

From Bunnings Warehouse I got two 5L bags of Organic potting mix and some coriander and parsley seedlings to transplant into my new herb box. I’ve chosen to plant these two herbs as I use all the time when cooking at home. 

Step 3

The next step is to fill the crate with potting mix. I filled mine to 3/4 of the box which was around one and a quarter bags of potting mix. 



Step 4

The final step is the transplant your baby herbs into their new home. I used garden gloves for this and pulled the herbs from their punnets really carefully so I didn't damage the roots. I then filled the box with some more soil to cover the roots. It's good to space your herbs far apart, I could have planted half the amount of herbs but I guess I just got too excited. Make sure to place your herb box somewhere sunny so that the seedlings will be in direct sunlight for at least half a day. For best results water them every two days.

Have a look below to see how much my herbs have grown in just a week!


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