3 ways to make your Summer Last Longer

It may be the middle of Autumn, but that doesn’t mean Summer is officially over… right? If you’re anything like me, you’ll be holding onto anything (and everything) that keeps Summer at the tip of your fingertips. I’ll let you in on my secret… it all comes down to what you make of your day. They may be a little shorter but there are so many opportunities to make your Summer last longer! Here are my top 3… 

#1 Have a picnic in your car

Women setting up a picnic in back of car

Whether you’re planning a fun date, catching up with your girlfriends or needing a little ‘me’ time, picnics are always a good idea. There’s something so calming in parking up at your favourite spot, whether that’s by the beach (yes please!), at a park or somewhere high that overlooks the city or valley where you live, it’s bound to bring back all the Summer feels! Remember to bring some blankets to keep the evening chills away and let the sunset do its thing. A simple and sweet way to keep the feeling of Summer in your back pocket.

#2 Bring out your BRIGHT coloured nail polish 

Hand with bright pastel coloured nails

We’ve all got a couple of hidden gems when it comes to nail polish. I’ve got a dashing orange, soft yellow and popping pink that just scream hot girl summer energy! So why put them away for the Winter? Keep radiating Summer by painting your nails with playful colours!
Pssst… I hear mixing and matching is back, so I say, the brighter the better - get creative Salty Babes!

#3 Visiting your favourite Markets

Female walking through the Farmers Market
There is nothing quite like a weekend trip to your local market to explore hidden treasures, indulge in fresh produce and treat yourself to deliciously brewed coffee and baked goods… I’m not alone on this, right? Wet weather gear was made for a reason, and I choose to believe it’s so that we can keep our Summer rituals going all year round by visiting our favourite markets! Even a quick 5 minute stop-in will fill your soul with the Summer nostalgia of Sunday mornings spent finding the perfect avocado to have with lunch.
Images sourced from Pinterest.

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