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We all love a cheeky takeaway meal here and there, especially when you’ve got talented locals who know how to make your mouth water with their delicious meals. Whether you’re out for a morning coffee or in need of a late-lunch, there is nothing worse than realising you’ve forgotten your keep cup for an eco-friendly takeaway mission. I’ll let you in on 3 ways I make sure I’m always ready for food on the go…


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#1 Reusable cutlery


Although those cute little bamboo sets are divine, your classic stainless steel knife and fork will do just fine. I keep a set in my car and in my bag, just in case I get a little peckish while I’m out and about. If you are looking for a cute little bamboo set, these ones from the Eco Warehouse have everything you need: from the knife and fork, to the chopsticks and straw!

#2 Something for hot drinks

I’m talking about your favourite mug (maybe not your favourite because you’ll want to have it in the car at all times), a keep cup, a mason jar (make sure you’ve wrapped it in rubber bands or some sort of cloth so it’s not too hot to hold), or anything else that’s easy to grab on the go when you’re heading to get your floaty (oat milk flat white), hot choccie, matcha and more!

#3 Something for the food

This one gets a little bit trickier but thankfully, lots of places are offering biodegradable vessels to carry your delicious meals away. Having a container handy is always the best option to keep your waste on the lower side. The amazing team from Reusabowl have created a network of cafes and restaurants that accept their reusable bowls that you can borrow, return, or reuse as you please. I’m obsessed with their mission - check them out!


Reusable cutlery, jars, drink bottles

(Image from Pinterest)


The best thing you can do is plan ahead and make sure your takeout destination of choice is doing everything they can to be kind to the environment. And remember, if you’ve got your reusable tool, make it known and ask for no cutlery!

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